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Services & Fees

* GST will be added to the prices listed.

  • Base charge : $105 (this covers the first hour)
  • Subsequent hours : $95/hour (charged per quarter)
  • Travel distance charge : $0.85/km, from & to Sandringham.
  • Hardware : charged as consumed.
  • Vehicle parking costs will be invoiced to the client.
  • Travel time will be charged at $95/hour if round-trip travel time is greater than 1 hour. 

The Hangman's picture hanging services are charged at the same rate, regardless of size/weight and complexity. It's somewhat tricky to accurately assess the time required to hang a picture or mirror as there are many factors at play : wall surface, size/weight of picture, presence of hardware on picture etc.

As a basic guide, a large mirror can be prepared & hung within 30 minutes. A large, heavy mirror installation that requires hardware for both a 'hollow' gib wall and mirror, will consume roughly $32. A small, light-weight picture that requires hardware for both wall & picture, would cost $2.00 in hardware.